Can I buy CBD in the UK?


Yes, you can buy CBD in the UK as it is a legal product. Find out more in our feature.

Can I buy CBD in the UK?

Yes, you can buy products in shops or online. There are a range of products ranging from oils to gummies to capsules. You may want to check out our shop page for our latest offers.

The legal status of CBD oil in the UK

It’s THC which is responsible for the cannabis plant high and the illegality of street cannabis, THC is only found in trace amounts in hemp – the species of cannabis used to extract CBD.

Cannabidiol is not a controlled substance when isolated in the UK, USA or most of the EU. In the United Kingdom specifically, CBD is legal as long as the product is derived from EU approved strains of hemp, and it doesn’t contain over 1mg of any other controlled substance in the container or bottle.

The number of people using CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, in the UK alone is estimated to stand at around 1.3m. Advocates of CBD oil say it can relieve chronic pain and inflammation, depression and insomnia, among other conditions. You can find out more about the potential benefits of it in our dedicated feature – just click this link for more information.

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